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Best servises for our partners ...

Best servises for our partners ...

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About us

We are company exporter of Siberian(Altai) natural honey . Working with producers of natural honey – test quality of products and take care of delivery.

Altai honey well known around the world as healthy and top quality honey, let me explain why :

Altai one of the last remaining untouched areas of the world,  link

There are over 2000 rare medicinal plants in Altai region and many of them are pollinated by bees , link Honey

The Siberian bee anticipating a long and severe winter with special care collecting pollen.

In the Altai reigns traditional beekeeping, whose skills are passed from generation to generation. There are no “new-fangled stuff” – here is the honey, what it ate our ancestors, there no big honey enterprises, so we have to work only with small and middle sized apiaries ,usually driven by families.

Honey from Altai well known as healing & healthy, very appreciated by gourmets around the world.

In Altai beekeeping are known from ancient times. People have long gathered here honey, which served as both a medicine and a delicacy, and a great way to stave off hunger . The Altai is rich in various natural systems, which optimally combines the abundant flowering of melliferous plants and favorable weather conditions.

The territory of Altai was not subject to industrial pollution, and most of the ecosystems were left in pristine look.

Beekeepers Altai stick to the old technology. Most of the apiaries uses exclusively local zoned Central Russian breed of bees. This breed is best adapted to the site conditions, type of harvest and the composition of processed nectar.

Here you you may find latest prices for motley grass(multi flower) honey , buckwheat honey , propolis , Royal jelly , beewax.

Sincerely yours.
Evgeny Ilin. CEO , Honey-seller LTD.



Altai ,Siberia

At the end of the eighteenth century Nikolay Arshenevsky, commander of the Dragoon regiment standing in Ust-Kamenogorsk, has written of the deck with the bee colonies and sensible Bashkir-beekeeper.

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Altai apiaries

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  Honey-Seller LTD

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Honey-Seller LTD

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